Driver Protection

Since April of 2013, SafeCAB has vindicated several professional drivers of wrong doing while driving. When a professional turns the key, risk rises.The forward facing camera that SafeCAB supplies delivers true HD quality of all events that take place on the road ahead. Professional drivers are vulnerable in the event of all road incidents as typically they are blamed instantly in the event of a serious accident. The SafeCAB camera can prove your care and responsible actions if and when an accident happens.

  • Protect yourself and your reputation
  • Protect your personal no claims history
  • Provide true accountability
  • Take a professional approach to road safety

Vehicle Protection

A company vehicle is an asset that can be abused by operators. The SafeCAB system enables fleet owners to monitor and protect their fleets using the GPS tracking features and vehicle CCTV playback in the event of a vehicle being damaged. The SafeCAB system will deliver “who, how, when and why “. Damage to vehicles can become costly and potentially bring a business down. Vehicle cameras have been proven to improve driver behaviour and improve alertness as the drivers actions are also being recorded and monitored. The SafeCAB CCTV plays a crucial role between you and your insurer.

The insurance company will have the ability to review and reference any accident that took place which will in no doubt protect your next year’s premium. The better care and driving of the vehicle will ensure the overall maximum return on the resale value of the vehicle.

Asset Protection

Asset protection can be realised in many ways including:

  • Improve driver behaviour and awareness
  • Know who, when and where damage happened and who’s responsible
  • Increase the resale value of the vehicle when upgrading
  • Protect your brand & reputation

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