SafeCab Fleet Management

Fleet management has been around for many years but one program after another is better than the last one and it costs more for this and less for that. Take a few minutes to learn how easy SafeCAB can make this for you, your boss and your company’s finances going forward.

The SafeCAB live service platform is so user friendly that your staff won’t need NASA certified rocket scientists to operate it. SafeCAB’s live fleet platform delivers the following features as standard:

  • Vehicle GPS tracking and data recall
  • Full driver behaviour analysis
  • Over speed reporting & alerts
  • Vehicle downtime recording & monitoring
  • Vehicle service interval monitoring
  • Available to view on any desktop or mobile device

However as technology has advanced, SafeCAB have been at the forefront delivering the bigger picture in an all in one solution for almost 5 years. Our commercial grade systems come with a three year warrantee as standard and enable vehicle and fleet owner’s one touch access to much more features and information including:

  • Remote vehicle CCTV access & playback
  • 2 way voice & text communication platform
  • Load temperature monitoring and alerts
  • Secure CCTV evidence storage
  • Court admissible CCTV forensic footage of all incidents
  • Vehicle intrusion alarms
  • Fuel usage monitoring
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