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About SafeCAB

Safe Cab Security LTD was formed in April 2013 to provide commercial CCTV products and services to the automotive and HGV industries of Ireland. SafeCAB is Ireland’s only dedicated commercial vehicle camera and live tracking service provider. The company is a 100% Irish owned business. SafeCAB was established by John Motherway to provide personal protection to lone working drivers while providing vehicle CCTV to capture and vindicate professional drivers of potential wrong doing.

Our business is focused on keeping in check data protection laws and regulations. SafeCAB is the only commercial vehicle CCTV & service provider in Ireland that delivers a single solution to all transport CCTV and vehicle tele-matics needs.

The company’s office is based in the Rubicon Centre on the CIT campus, SafeCAB provides national sales and support services to clients with a complete focus on our clients’ needs and requirements. E-mail sales@safecab.iefor more information or to make an enquiry for your business.

SafeCAB systems provide full forensic visual data that all other basic tracking systems just do not deliver. With ever rising insurance premiums and an ever present litigious claim society, we no longer can rely on “he said, she said” any more. A tracking will only tell you where the vehicle is and the environment the vehicle is being operated within.

SafeCAB give you full direct remote access to GPS tracking data, CCTV footage both past and live view, driver behaviour analysis and strict routing options. The SafeCAB system also offers customers an add-on communications package which can be integrated to suit a client’s needs and requirements…..

  • Local customer service & support
  • 1 to 3 years warrantee on hardware
  • Industry leaders in vehicle camera solutions
  • Fully PSA licensed panic button monitoring service
  • Staff safety, health & welfare protection
  • Top spec Fleet-management software & support
  • Full forensic visual accountability
  • 100% court permissible CCTV data
  • Brand & Reputation protection
  • Increase asset value and resale value
  • Workplace safety compliance
  • Instant local customer support
  • Protection of insurance premiums
  • 3 Years warrantee & system health monitoring


What happens in the event of an incident?

When a SafeCAB panic button is activated our dedicated security team action. When an incident is recorded on our vehicle cameras, an alert is sent to our PSA licensed security centre and the data is retrieved and stored securely.


What about privacy?

SafeCAB systems are physically locked and inaccessible to any one other then Appointed Data Controller. See Data Protection .ie for more.




Is the evidence admissible in court?

Yes, unlike a dash cam, the safeCAB system provides full Meta data analysis and adheres to a strict chain of custody protocol.

Do I need to alert my passengers?

Absolutely. If you are recording someone in a public place then you are required to have Explicit Consent from the persons being recorded. However because the driver has no access to our systems, SafeCAB offers passenger and persons the option to have their personal CCTV footage removed from a SafeCAB vehicle CCTV system. Passengers and customer wishing to have their footage removed may contact 1890 4 8 12 16. SafeCAB provides clear yellow information notices on all doors of all vehicles to raise awareness to passengers of the presence of cameras and also SafeCAB contact details.

How long does the system take to fit?

  • Taxi saloon – 1 to 2 hours
  • Taxi MPV – 2 -3 hours
  • Taxi Minibus – 4- 6 hours
  • Van – 3 hours
  • Truck, rigid – 1 day
  • Bus/Coach – 2 days

Will it reduce my insurance premium?

Yes, overtime with visual proof of incidents and a reduction of claims being made by litigious persons will over time deliver reduced insurance premiums. SafeCAB have secured an average of 10% and 15 % in some cases for users who have being using our system for the past few years.


Increased revenue for clients by



3 drivers of serious wrong doing

Averted claims to the value of over


Delivered driver and passenger protection to over

11,500 journeys

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The moment I contacted John at SafeCAB, I was confident the SafeCAB system was the ideal for our fleet of Mercedes Econic’s. We utilize to the side cameras to confirm if our customers have actually put their bin out for collection and clarity of the cameras are exceptional.

Denis Myers, Owner of Myers Waste & Recycling

I operate 10 taxis in Cork City and have been in the business since 1978. Over the years my major concern has always been safe driving and avoiding insurance claims….

Mr. Oliver Dennehy Taxi Driver

Mr John Constant has spoken of his terror after being attacked by six male passengers. John was assaulted when he asked the men to get out of his car after one of them had been sick on the back seat.

Mr. John Constant Taxi Driver

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